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  1. Flappy Wings Hack

    May 23, 2014 by admin


    Flappy Wings Hack

    Did you ever want to have a higher highscore in Flappy Wings for iOS and Android than your friends? Now you can, with the click of one button. Just download the hack tool from the link at the bottom of this post, and you will be able to jump to any score you want, activate the God Mode or the Fun Mode. After you have downloaded the Flappy Wings Hack, unzip the file and run the Application. At first you want to connect your device to your PC, either with USB or Bluetooth. After that select your device, iOS or Android and hit “Connect”. Now the Device Status and the Game Status should change.

    Now you can move on to the options. Choose the score you want to have, and if you want to activate the God Mode or Fun Mode. Finally you can click on the big “Apply Hack” Button. Within a few seconds you should see the results in the game.

    Our Flappy Wings Hack is better than any other tools out there, because you don’t have to jailbreak or root your phone before you can start hacking. It was made to give you a more enjoyable experience in the game.

    You might ask yourself what is the God Mode and the Fun Mode? While in the God Mode, the game will not end even if your bird falls to the ground or if it hits the pillars. This is great if you play infront of your friends, they will think that you are the best in the game!

    The Fun Mode is something you definitely have to try. In this mode, the bird changes to Chuck Norris and bursts through the pillars with explosions. This bases on a custom script made by one of our developers. You really have to try this out!

    Flappy Wings Hack Features:

    • you can connect to your Phone / Device via USB or Bluetooth
    • no Jailbreak or Root required to make the hack work
    • you can jump to any Highscore you want
    • Godmode Hack / Funmode Hack
    • more Options/Functions will be added soon!

    As you can see our Flappy Wings Hack is yet another great tool from our developers. It will make you have more fun in the game. The software will be constantly updated so you can use it on future versions of the Game. Click on the Download Button below to download the tool!

    Quick Guide:

    1. Download the Flappy Wings Hack.rar and unzip it
    2. Run the Tool and connect your Device to your PC via USB / Bluetooth
    3. Select iOS or Android and click on “Connect”
    4. Choose Options, Click on Apply Hack

     Mirror 1

    Flappy Wings Hack

    Mirror 2


    Detection Ratio: 0 / 49



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  2. Flappy Bee Hack Cheats Unrestricted Rating Life Android Iphone

    May 19, 2014 by admin

    Flappy Bee Hack Cheat Tool

    Flappy Bee Hack Cheat Tool

    Flappy Bee Hack Cheat Tool

    Chink Games released a similar game with Flappy birds. The game launched they called Flappy Bee and is identical only hereyou fly with a bee. It is quite nice but it has a pretty big problem. The ads are very annoying. Score is as hard to do here. We have created a hack tool to solve this problem. With Flappy Bee Cheats Hack Tool you can get thehighest score and you will not have problems with ads in minutes with just a few clicks. This Cheat tool is very easy to use and does not need Jailbreak or Root to use. This hack tool is created for Android and iOS . You can download  below .apk(android) or .ipa(iOS) and run directly to your device . No need PC.


    1. Download Flappy Bee Cheats Hack Tool.apk (android) .ipa (iOS)
    2. Copy to your device
    3. Install
    4. Run
    5. Select hack features
    6. Click Save


    • God Mode
    • Max Score
    • Remove Ads


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  3. Town Fowl – Flappy Flyer Hack Cheat Endless Score Iphone Android – 2014 Town Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack Cheat Endless Score Remove Advertisements Invincibily Hack

    May 19, 2014 by admin

    City Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack Cheat Tool 2014


    City Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack is the first hack tool for this game made by Hack2Day for iOS-Android.

    Another member of the Flappy family, in City Bird you will play as a fat yellow bird who eats a lot of nuts. In order to get them, the yellow bird mast pass through bumpy rugger walls with yellow squares. If you didn’t tap the screen at the right moment, then your bird will either fall or bump into it and you’ll have to play the game again. Or wait. Maybe you don’t have to do this, because we have managed to create the City Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack.

    City Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack will make your bird invincible, so you will be able to pass through walls without any problems, just like a ghost. It is much funnier to pass through walls than to bump into them, that’s pretty clear for us. Another thing that this hack helps you with is remove those ads from the bottom of the screen. When there’s no more ads, you know that you can’t tap accidental on them. So no more ads = less risk of interrupting your game and lose it. And, if that wasn’t enough, you can simply customize your score. Just type the score you want and you will get it.

    City Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack features

    • Invincibility
    • Remove walls
    • Remove ads
    • Edit your score


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  4. Flappy Bird Hack

    May 19, 2014 by admin

    Flappy Bird Hack

    We are introducing you fresh developed Flappy Bird Hack. Flappy Bird is one of the very popular games these days,

    And for some people it’s hard to achieve a lot of points and there we come in with our new cheats.

    If you want to be best in this game and take advantage of your friends this is your chance. With this cheats you will be able to adjust your score and to have 10,20 or more lives when playing game so you can’t loose fast.

    The best thing is it takes you one-time download and everything is set up!

    What are you waiting for? Go and click on button bellow to get started!

    Flappy Bird Hack Download

    flappy bird hack

    1. We also realize how hard is to get Flappy Bird Cheats so we decided to develop one.

    2. You need to complete one offer to unlock it, takes maximum 6 minutes.

    If you maybe have any questions about Flappy Bird Hack or help feel free to email us at:


    Flappy Bird Hack features:

    Add yourself unlimited lives!

    Add yourself score as much as you want!

    Remove pipes! – Yes it is real!

    Change your bird to Mario or Luigi!


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  5. Flappy Fowl Hack Tool Cheat Coach Generator iOS/Android

    May 18, 2014 by admin


    I want to present you the new and working Flappy Bird Hack. All you need to do is to download and launch it and follow instructions below!
    Our Flappy Bird Hack is 100 % safe and undetectable because we use a new proxy system and ant ban system. Moreover, it is constantly updated. The only action you need to perform is to download it from this page and follow instructions. Afterwards, just launch it and you will be granted the possibility to immediately add Score and Lives ! Just by pressing one button.


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  6. Flap Your Wings Speedily With Our Flappy Flight Hack!

    May 16, 2014 by admin

    Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!

     Flappy Flight Hack 2014 Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!

    Flappy Flight is an entertaining and cute game in which each click of the mouse will boost the flight of the bird. In this game, players have to make their flappy bird go the maximum distance by avoiding and clearing the numerous hurdles that come on its way.
    Players get extremely engrossed in this game while trying to beat their own best records. Some of them even start spending real money for enhancing their gameplay. Spending your hard-earned money on online games should not be encouraged, so our team of professionals has created an amazing hacking tool that will solve all your game related problems for free of cost. Our hacking tool is a reliable and trusted program, so players use it without any worries.
    Here are some of the wonderful features offered by our program:

    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!Our codes are safe to use as they are error and bug proof.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!Anyone can use our tool without any problems as it is a user-friendly program.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!If you are stuck up at a tricky level and are unable to cross it then make use of our level hack mode and complete the complicated stages quickly.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!Are you scared of bans and suspensions? If yes, then don’t worry as our anti-ban system will keep your avatar protected from the search engines; thus saving you from being suspended in the game.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!Our codes can be used around the world as it is a globally working program.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!If you are finding difficulty in earning tokens then make use of our currency hack feature that will generate infinite amount of tokens within a few seconds.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!Gems are the primary game currency that can be procured easily with our money hacking tool.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!Our codes will even help you to unlock Bacon and Brainy for free of cost.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!You will encounter a lot of hurdles in the game and if you want your bird to have a safe flight, then use our hacking tool and clear these hurdles instantly.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!Our smart auto-updater will save your precious time that was otherwise spent on updating the game manually.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!Increase the speed of your birds by using our speed hack mode.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!You can download our hacking tool on all browsers and operating systems as it is compatible to be used on all.
    ok Flap Your Wings Quickly With Our Flappy Flight Hack!Our hacking tool is available for free of cost, so stop spending your hard-earned money on online games and start using our hacking programs.
    Finding a better hacking tool than this one is next to impossible! So, visit our website and download our Flappy Flight hack instantly. Our codes will certainly make you a pro in the game of Flappy Flight.


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  7. Flappy Wings Hack – Cheat Android and iOS

    May 15, 2014 by admin

    Welcome to Flappy Wings players on your side of the hacks on the internet.We present you the latest version of Flappy Wings Hack Tool!It is 100% safe and will not harm your account.Flappy Wings Hack for iOS and Android devices.Flappy Wings Cheat you generate free score and lives.This hack has a very clean look and is very easy to use.Flappy Wings Cheat is frequently updated.Flappy Wings Hack doesn’t need jailbreak device and is compatible with all iOS version.Flappy Wings Hack doesn’t need rooted device and is compatible with all Android version.This hack works with all automatic and I choose the call immediately Connects to your device.This Cheat is created by professional team of BaseOfHack.Flappy Wings Hack works on all devices with Android system and on any iOS such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and others.You will not have problems with this program, is well protected and protect you and your account.How to use ? Then by usb or bluetooth device to connect your device.Then by usb or bluetooth device to connect your device with Flappy Wings Cheat.If everything is ok, using the download button Flappy Wings Hack (instructions on how to find the download button at the top of the page) or at the bottom of the post.You do not have to worry about that for some time you will again want to download a hack to with our site is updated constantly fed!If you notice a bug in the program please let us know.

    HOW TO USE Flappy Wings Hack?

    1.Select the connection bluetooth / usb and connect your Android device to your computer or iOS.

    2.Run Flappy Wings Hack.

    3.Select the type of connection Bluetooth / Usb and system android / iOS and wait until

    you see”Detection finished.You can continue” message.

    4.Select the box of item and enter value.

    5.Click Start button and wait untill you see ”Success!” message box.

    6.Select Use Guard Protection.


    Flappy Wings Hack

    Hack Features

    -Add Unlimited score,

    -Add Unlimited lives,

    -Not Jailbreak and Root,

    -Works for all devices (iOS,Android),

    -Security – Guard Protetion,

    -Often Updates,

    Download Flappy Wings Hack




    1. Press the download.

    2 .You will be taken to a page with the download.

    3 .Then complete one of the offers giving it your phone number.

    4 .After entering the PIN number you will receive.

    5 .Enter it and then start the download.

    6 .Good luck!

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  8. Flappy Hen Hack – Flappy Fowl Cheat

    May 9, 2014 by admin

    About Flappy Bird:

    The game is available on Android and iOS. This is a game that attracts many fans from around the world are coming more and more from day to day. Flappy Bird is a game in which we improve your times and results. The game is very easy and pleasant to use so I encourage you to play a Flappy Bird.








    Flappy Bird Hack

    We have created a hack for the next game, this time it is a hack for the game Flappy Bird. The game is available on Android and iOS and it can be downloaded from google play, App Store and iTunes. The work on this hack lasted eight days and ended successfully tested to noise because yesterday correctness of the action hack and hack our users is working properly and you can download it. All files are protected by anti-virus system so that each user who downloads the hack to feel safe. Anyone who downloads the hack will have access to any quantity: unlimited scores. Everything is very easy to use, first download and unpack the start hack and hack. I Encourage you to download the hack if you want to have fun with this game

    Flappy Bird Hack Features : –

    • Operating system*: iOS, Android
    • Jailbreak required*: NO
    • Devices supported*: Any Android Device, Iphone,Ipad and Ipod Touch, Tablets
    • Instant and unlimited Score
    • Instant and unlimited Lives
    • Guard Protection
    • Daily Updated

    How To Use Flappy Bird Hack

    1. Connect your iOS or Android device to computer using USB.
    2. Start the Flappy Bird Hack Android / iOS
    3. Select Device and click connect usb.
    4. Choose and turn on from the Menu Hack features.
    5. Click the Generate  button
    6. Reload and see your Flappy Bird game app.
    7. Enjoy !!!!



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