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  1. What is Castle Clash recreation?

    May 3, 2014 by admin

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    Castle Clash is tower defense strategy game with many additional elements which make it unique in such wonderful way! Created by IGG, this game is today’s number one strategy game for android devices, and all the time among top five games on iOS devices, ranking an average 4.90 stars out of 5 on many gaming sites. Millions of players worldwide are battling every day in this mix of strategy and tower defense. Best of all, this game is completely FREE TO PLAY! Want to learn some more about it?

    Basic mechanics

    Core of the game is building and upgrading of your own fortress, filling it up with dozens of buildings and structures of different purposes. Parallel to developing your own town, you raise and train troops for defense and attack. Last, you buy your own heroes to lead your army into battles against other players or computer opponents. Of course, fantasy game just cannot exist without magic; therefore you also wield powerful spells to help you defeat your opponents.


    Castle clash has three main resources. Those are gold, mana and gems. Gold is used for constructing all of your buildings together with mana. Mana is also used solely for making new troops. Gems are universal currency used for many different purposes, among which most important is possibility of buying legendary heroes, instant finishing of your buildings and troops and many others important tasks. While gold and mana are generated by buildings you can add and further upgrade, Gems are currency which can be obtained by paying real money, or by doing numerous achievements in game which reward players with small to medium amount of gems. Looking at huge importance of gems as currency in this game, logical question which every player asks is “where can I get more Gems”? If you are interested in getting infinite amount of Gems, together with other resources, you can look at our Castle Clash hack program here!

    Buildings, troops and heroes

    Buildings in Castle Clash can be sorted looking at their main role. Town hall is the main building of your fortress; its level dictates the number and choice of other buildings you can build. Defensive buildings are built to defend your fortress, especially while you are offline. They include watchtowers, which can later be upgraded to Arrow tower, Cannon tower or Magic tower. Effect of towers is increased with garrison which holds your heroes who enhances towers. Army camp is used for recruitment of troops, while hero base is home of heroes who will defend your home while you are away. You can also build walls which slow down enemies and protect your buildings. Resource buildings are used for generating Gold and Mana, but also for storing them. At Relic hall, player can buy or upgrade spells to use in battle against base. They can turn the tide of battle when used right, thus playing important role in this game. Lastly, Heroes are your main battle force. When you buy heroes, you can get ordinary, elite and legendary heroes. The strongest heroes can be bought using hero shards or Gems. You can also make them even stronger by buying them secondary abilities, at cost of 300 Gems each.

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  2. How to get free gems in Castle Clash

    May 3, 2014 by admin

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    Here you will learn about all possible ways to get free gems and in this fantastic game! Castle Clash is top strategy game for android devices. This game combines tower defense elements with resource building and fast strategic battles using mighty heroes wielding powerful spells. Join millions of players worldwide who enjoy Castle Clash and put your skills to test against computer opponents or live players! Basic mechanics of this game includes building and upgrading of your own town together with training of various troops used for defense or attack. The cores of your battle force are the Heroes, most powerful units with special abilities, able to tear down your enemy’s town or defend your own fortress. You can also put them in Arena to face other Heroes or throw them into Dungeons to uncover additional treasures after defeating monster guards. Heroes can be ordinary, elite or legendary. Resources used in this game fall into 3 main categories: building resources, which are gold and mana, are used for raising building and training and upgrading of your troops. Second category is so called hero resources: Honor badges and hero shards should be used only for buying and upgrading your heroes. Honor badges have no chance to get you legendary heroes. Hero shards can be used to buy some (not all) legendary heroes but are extremely hard to find and collect since they are random drops from dungeons. Third and most important resource in Castle Clash are Gems, premium currency which have multiple important roles, some of which are:

    1. Buying random high quality heroes, including Legendary heroes which cannot be obtained with any other resource and buying secondary abilities for heroes
    2. Speed up and instant finish of building upgrades and troops training
    3. Purchasing Shields to protect your town from being attacked
    4. Getting more gold and mana
    5. Purchasing special decorations for the base
    6. Instant revival of heroes after battle

    As you see, Gems are most important and valuable resource you have in this game. So, how can you earn as much Gems as can? Gems are purchased using real money, and the more you buy at once, the cheaper they are, with average price being somewhere between 115 gems per 1$ (for minimum purchase of 230 gems for 2$ ) and 168 gems per 1$ (if you buy bundle of 16800 gems for 100$ ). There are also several ways to get free Gems:

    1. Doing Achievements in the game will reward you with free Gems, including login every day for 7, 30 or 90 days, upgrading town buildings or troops to certain levels, collecting certain amounts of gold, mana, honor badges and hero shards, clearing dungeons, winning or losing Arena battles.
    2. Daily gifts and promotions, giveaways and other rewards
    3. Using of external programs which generate free Gems and other resources (so called hack programs). There are many programs on the internet and it is important to choose carefully since many of them are simple spam or promotion apps, and many of them are just not working or are outdated, therefore failing to make right code. One of the programs that are frequently updated, makes absolute secured hacks and is guaranteed to work can be downloaded here.

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  3. Cost-free Gems using Castle Clash hack

    May 2, 2014 by admin

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    Free Gems using Castle Clash hack

    Following text is detailed description of our program which generates infinite free gems and other resources in Castle Clash game.

    Number one strategy game for android devices (available for PC also with use of android emulators), Castle Clash is excellent mix of resource farming, town building, tower defense, and fast and intelligent strategic battles against computer opponents or between players in arena. While tower defense element require player to carefully raise and upgrade buildings and gather various troops for his town defense, the core of the game is recruitment and training of Heroes, powerful units able to demolish whole towns by themselves, go through monster-filled dungeons or battle against other heroes in online multiplayer arena. They can be ordinary, elite or legendary, each class much more powerful than previous. While mana and gold resources are required for buildings and troops training, Heroes can be purchased only with Honor badges (impossible to get Legendary heroes), Hero shards (can be used to get some but not all legendary heroes, very hard and slow to gather since they come in random from some dungeons only) and Gems. Gems are premium currency in Castle Clash, used for purchasing Legendary heroes, getting secondary abilities for them, instant finishing of buildings and troop upgrades, buying shields for offline protection of your town. They can also be converted to gold and mana, be used for special items and many, many more purposes which make them absolute most important resource in the game.

    Gems cost is around 1$ per 120-170 gems (depending of package you buy). They can also be earned by doing achievements in the game, logging every day, following promotions, doing surveys etc. The easier and faster way is to use our program which generates free gems together with free resources.

    How Castle Clash hack works?

    Our program works by using “free gems” option in this game. This option can be found in “present” section in the top left corner. Free gems option is reserved for alternative ways of earning free gems, such as downloading and installing certain apps, doing surveys etc. Our program is recognized as paid application which will add free gems after completing download. Don’t worry; you will recognize it easily as it gives 99999 gems, gold and mana per each download. Huh, hard to miss those numbers right? Since Castle Clash already has built in options for this way of making free gems, this makes our software completely legal and safe to use. Only catch was to disguise those 99999 gems so the game sees them as harmless “1 gem per download” which doesn’t seem suspicious at all. After the gems are added to your account and used for the first time, you are safe to go, since game doesn’t keep track of gems you spent. Making things short, after downloading our program from here and starting it, you need to start your game and check aforementioned “free gems” option. Click on new application, wait around 2 minutes for download to finish and enjoy your 99999 free Gems, gold and mana!

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  4. How Castle Clash Hack functions

    May 2, 2014 by admin

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    Use our Castle Clash Cheat program to get infinite Gems, Gold and Mana in this fantastic game!

    First version of Castle Clash Hack

    Our friends are big fans of strategy qgames, and we tried Castle Clash as soon as it appeared. From the very start we recognized qualities of this game, and we knew it will be a big hit. Needless to say we were right; this game is today number one strategy game for Android platforms and among top 5 strategy games for other OS. But the progress in the game after acquiring high level was slowed to a halt, mainly because of long time required for upgrades and troops trainings. After our ordinary and elite Heroes got some serious bashing in Arena when put against legendary heroes who were 20 levels lower, we started to understand importance of Gems and their use. We started to harvest Gems, found the list of all achievements and gems rewards coming with them. We also explored “Present” tab in game interface, tried all the options for free gems, various events and offers. We were not satisfied with offers for free gems, as they were either too costly or the gem reward was too small if the offer was free of charge. During those tries I accidently tried offer for downloading free app in return for meager 10 gems. After finished downloading I found myself with 999 gems instead. Careful decoding of downloaded app and all the data sent across the internet during this action, helped me to find the exact position of the bug inside program code.Actually those were two bugs. One was the wrong amount of Gems, but in usual circumstances this request would be ignored by game server as classic cheat attempt, resulting in account examine and probably ban. The real bug was inability of Game server to recognize actual company which provided free gem offer. That company contract with Castle Clash developers was noted but the free gems amount was missing. Therefore server couldn’t compare the free gem request with actual free gem reward. In that case, all requests for free gems are automatically granted. First version of Castle Clash hack was soon born. It was somewhat limited, giving the player 999 gems as one-time-only offer. But it was a good start!

    Improvements of Castle Clash hack

    In version 1.2 we made this hack to generate 99999 gems instead, making it first fully working Castle Clash Cheat. We didn’t make it public in that time yet, instead we saved it for ourselves and some of our closest friends. Version 1.3 brought only improved user interface for comfortable use, but groundbreaking improvement came in next version. Our hack could be used more than once by same user. That version was also the first version published in public. After some minor updates in version 1.6, we again made big breakthrough by making our program generating Gold and Mana together with free Gems. Current Version is 2.0, and we keep our Castle Clash Hack fresh with regular updates and improvements!

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