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Castle Clash: Orksbane – First Look Part 2

05/05/2015 by admin


In this castle clash tutorial, I show you some more Orksbane, the newest castle clash hero. Dirty Distaggio Links: GET FREE GEMS: Facebook: Twitter:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Nice Pirate says:

    I got Orcsbane.
    To clarify his proc healing effect, it’s not cumulative (hitting 15 objects
    doing 50,000 damage total will NOT heal 25,000 as some people believe lol)
    It heals only based off his base damage stat after the proc boost. So if he
    has 2000 attack, proc boosts 200% to 4,000 damage, he will heal himself
    (and up to 20 other troops) 50% of that, which is 2,000.
    PD/Cupid/Druid etc buffs do not affect the heal amount.

  2. Christian Mendoza says:

    I got Immortep today on my first gem roll.#IMMORTEP!!Now I have a
    Druid,Paladin,Succubus,and Pain-Da.Waiting to get Thunder God tommorow with

  3. Dennis Valentin says:

    So you’re too good to talk to people in game?? All i was trying to do was
    congratulate you on rolling the new hero and tell u that i also rolled him.
    I see humility is not one of your strong assets. Unsubed!!.

  4. Jordan Cabansag says:

    And he can take out hbm A-5 all by himself

  5. Pacman Style says:

    Fk igg they only want money…just another gem roll hero pfft!!!

  6. Elias Moufferrige says:

    Keep em coming sik new hero!!!!

  7. Glasses CC Gamer says:

    dirty on my smurfs account i rolled 2 succubas and other smurf i rolled

  8. Casper Eliasson says:

    Distaggo do you have playeplayed on this account for 30 days dont have
    Assasin on your hero base. It’s God whith two healers cupid its a healers
    to but dont healers so mutch healers him? Get druid on your hero base!

  9. EpicAnimeAmv AnimeMix says:

    i can do A solo with vlad lv 21 town hall level 6 ahahah

  10. Kelvin Langomes says:

    Lol I roled 750 gems and I got hm XD the luck is real and im really not
    that lucky cuz for the past month I had nothing but slimes

  11. Carlos Delgado says:

    Im trading a acc message me on line Carlitos Delgado 

  12. Xealious says:

    whats the name of the opening song?

  13. Selvin Aguilar says:

    Can u please give me a thunder God

  14. Jordan Cabansag says:

    He tanks alot in raids and arena

  15. beast63254 says:

    wats the song

  16. Thomas Metyk says:

    Hey Dirty! I’m a brand new subscriber to your page, watched a bunch of
    videos and shared with a big group of friends. Been clashin for a long time
    now so I decided to start a guild. Was in a top 100 guild before but wanted
    to be more of a leader. Any tips on how to maintain a good guild or how to
    add strong players?

  17. William Bernhardt says:

    May i get this account?:P

  18. FastCarsSexy says:

    i interchange a thundergod ninja paladin druid atlanticore accnt for a
    punkin duke or orksbane accnt ! any level 

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